Lapierre Raisins Gaulois 2015

Lapierre Raisins Gaulois 2015 | Bottle Price: $13.99 | Case Price: $151.09



Marcel Lapierre, a member of what is affectionately known in the wine world as the ‘Gang of Four, was a pioneer in the ‘natural wine’ movement in Beaujolais – traditional winemaking methods; old vines, never using synthetic herbicides or pesticides, harvesting late, rigorously sorting, and adding minimal or no sulfur. After his passing in 2010, Marcel’s son Mathieu picked up where his father left off, and is farming organically and biodynamically. The wines of Lapierre are some of our very favorites for their transparency, versatility and drinkability. They are also highly coveted and desperately sought after.


The Raisins Gaulois displays pretty notes of red cherry, blackberry, pomegranate, and some classic Beaujolais gravel. Extremely gulpable. Follow these steps to maximum enjoyment of this wine. Step one: put this bottle in the fridge for 30 minutes, it drinks all the more refreshingly with a chill on it. Step two: open and drink with gusto. This wine does not require food to be enjoyed, however it’s insanely versatile at the table. Try it with some Sticky, Grilled Country-Style Pork Ribs.


This cuvée is labeled Vin de France. The Beaujolais’ governing body decided to do away with the Vin de Pays designation in Beaujolais, leaving only the appellations and Vin de France.  The wine is still almost all from the cru of Morgon, with a little bit of A.O.C. Beaujolais as well. The label nicely sums up the Lapierre’s philosophy: “Our ideal is to make wine from 100% grape juice.”