What We’re All About

Dedalus is a shop built on a set of deeply held ideas about wine. We’re very opinionated about the product we carry. We love the great place-driven, food-loving wines of France and Italy, and spiffy artisanal bottlings from gnarly mountain vines and hard-working farmers in California, Washington and Oregon. These wines provide us with a visceral connection to the vineyard and the traditions and ideas of a people. They also provide us with immense drinking pleasure. Like many of the world’s greatest joys, they deserve to be uncovered and shared. And we think people deserve to experience as many of them as possible. They’re just so damn good.

If you want to learn more about the wines that excite us, stop by the shop for a chat. We also spread the good word about these wines through classes, tastings, and wine dinners. And we write about our wines. A lot. You can find tons of wine reviews (and the occasional rant) on this website. You can also follow us on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook.

The Folks Behind the Wine

Jason ZulianiJason Zuliani

Jason is the owner of the Dedalus Wine Shop. His interest in wine began at the knee of his grandfather, Anthony, who taught him that food & wine are a gift and that beautiful families and healthy communities can be formed around a table, with full glasses and plates. Jason is into the wines of France – especially the wines of Burgundy, the Beaujolais, the Loire, Champagne and the Rhone. He is also into the story of wine – its connection to a place, to history, and its connection to humanity. He loves knowing the growers, hearing their stories, and understanding how their passions and their struggles inform their work in the vineyards and their winemaking.

Abby KellieAbby Kellie

Abby is the manager of the retail wine shop. She started her wine obsession while working in the restaurant business. She’s an avid home cook and she always has a smile to share, along with any food and wine pairings you may need help with! Abby’s taste in wine is really diverse. Rosé? Yes! Crisp, minerally whites? You bet! Delicate, feminine reds? Definitely! She loves them all!

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