Arcos Salice Salentino 2015

Arcos Salice Salentino 2015 | Bottle Price: $12.99 | Case Price: $140.29


Italy is home to over 3,000 indigenous grape varietals. Many of them most people have never heard of. The Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera grapes in this blend, hail from Salice Salentino in Italy’s Puglia region (picture the heel of the “boot”). This region, famous for olives as well as its wine, owes its unique terroir to the clay soils found there. Grapes for the Arcos are hand harvested and fermented in stainless steel.


The nose is captivating with notes of mossy, ripe fruit – mulberry and wild strawberry with notes of cinnamon stick, lilac, and dried ower petals. On the palate, a bold band of tart dark cherry acts as a backbone for the dusty, dark chocolate notes rising to the fore. It’s on the lighter end of medium bodied with only 12.5% alcohol, but still delivers a luscious and velvety mouthfeel. Because of the low tannins and abundant fruit, can take a food pairing that has a bit of heat. Try our recipe for Harissa Chicken and Potatoes with Cucumber- Radish Salad.


Negroamaro is a dark-skinned grape that contributes dark color and rich berry fruit avors to this wine. Malvasia Nera is a thin-skinned grape known for its aromatic quality, which definitely comes through in this wine, it can also add a chocolatey richness. The two grapes are often blended together, as they compliment each other nicely.