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In 1971 Andre Berenger came to Cahors with his wife Sylvie, who is originally from Champagne, and planted their vineyard on the red clay/iron stone soil known as Grezes. Their two children, Maurin and Juline not only joined them in the family business but so have their respective spouses. Thus the three couples all work together and do everything in this twelve hectare domaine themselves — the pruning, the treatments of the vines (all organic) and the harvesting all by hand (a disappearing practice in Cahors where harvesting is now done almost exclusively by machine).



This 100% Malbec has pretty aromas of purple flowers (violets and wisteria) and plump fruit (plum and wild strawberry). Fresh fruit flavors fill the mouth – notes of black raspberry, plum and violets are bright and lively. Tannins are nicely integrated creating a well-balanced, smooth drinking wine. Pair it with a dish whose salty and savory flavors will contrast to the round, dark fruit. Try this Kale and Potato Soup with Andouille.



Cahors is a small town in south-western France, located 100 miles east of Bordeaux. Argentina might have put malbec back on the map, but the grapes originated here. There are some differences between the two, the climate and soil types are different. Cahors Malbec tends to be tighter and leaner than the rich, opulent style of its Argentine cousin.