Domaine de Beauregard Muscadet Sevre Et Maine 2015

Domaine de Beauregard Muscadet Sevre Et Maine 2015 | $13.99/btl |$151.09/cs



Also from the Nantes region in the Loire Valley, Domaine de Beauregard Muscadet is made from a grape that is typical to the area, Melon De Bourgogne. As you might expect, it originated in Burgundy before it was ordered to be torn out in favor of the more lucrative Chardonnay grape. It soon found a home in Nantes and has become one of the region’s most successful varietals. The Gregoire family of Domaine de Beauregard has helped this success by making delicious, affordable wines without sacrificing quality. Their 40 year old vines are sustainably grown on flinty, clay soils and known for their aromatic richness. As the fifth generation to make this wine, the Gregoire’s have become legends in the Nantes region.



When I first had this wine, I was instantly put at ease. It is so approachable and easy to drink. On the nose there are notes of salt, smoke, green pear and sea shell. The palate delivers with a creamy cascade of green apple, lemon/lime citrus, and finishes with a touch of salty, sea air. We recommend pairing this wine with briny, but velvety mussels as they compliment the saline creaminess in the wine. Try this recipe for Mussel Toast with Arugula Sauce (a mimic of a dish often featured on our Wine Bar Menu).



Muscadet is often confused with Muscat, or Moscato, but the two are actually very different. Muscat is has a floral aroma and can be sweet, where Muscadet is a dry white wine. This particular style from Chateau de Beauregard is called “Muscadet Sevre Et Maine” which is typically vinified “sur lie” or “on the lees.” The lees are actually dead yeast cells that were once active in the fermentation of the wine. The wines are aged with these leftover cells, which gives a creamy texture to the wines.