Domaine Les Aphillanthes Vaucluse 2015

Domaine Les Aphillanthes Vaucluse 2015 | $13.99/btl |$151.09/cs



Life is full of happy accidents. Take what happened to winemaker Danielle Boulle and his Domaine Les Aphillanthes. Boulle was inspired by the success he had treating his son’s eczema with natural remedies and transferred those principles to his vineyards. He now practices completely biodynamic winemaking with minimal intervention and produces stunningly fresh, delicious wines including this month’s ‘Vaucluse.’ Les Aphillanthes is in the Southern Rhone, just northwest of Gigondas, and is a great example of how great wines from the Cote du Rhone region can be.



A true expression of terroir and balanced fruit is always the goal at Domaine Les Aphillanthes. The Vaucluse, a blend of 45% Syrah, 35% Merlot, and 20% Grenache delivers wholeheartedly on this promise. Upon opening, a cascade of fruit hits the nose with notes of raspberry, plum and red licorice. The palate is nice and juicy without being too jammy, showcasing notes of blackberry jam, cassis, and a touch of black pepper on the finish. If you serve a bottle of the Vaucluse with some of our house-made pork sausages and some Agrodolce Spare-Ribs at your Labor Day BBQ, there’s a good chance you’ll be the hero of the day.



The secret to the success of Domaine Les Aphillanthes can be found, in part, in the soils in which the vines grow. Along with a mix of clay and limestone, the vines grow in what the French call “Galet Roulés” or “rounded stones” which can be found in many vineyards throughout the southern Rhone. These stones are great for growing wine because they absorb heat during the day and in turn, impart that heat during the cool nights. In addition, the loose stones encourage vines to grow very deep to get their nutrients, making for great intensity and depth in the wine. In the case of Domaine Les Aphillanthes, some of their vines have been known to go as deep as 100 feet below ground!