Tenuta Pergola Rosso ‘Il Goccetto’ 2015

Tenuta Pergola Rosso ‘Il Goccetto’ 2015 | Bottle Price: $12.99 | Case Price: $140.29



This wine is a blend of 75% Brachetto and 25% Barbera. There is a certain degree of romance associated with Brachetto wines. One of the more romantic stories about Brachetto is that it was the wine Marc Antony and Julius Caesar presented to Cleopatra in their attempts to win her favor. The queen, so the story goes, found the wine unleashed her passions. Brachetto is mostly known for producing sweet and/or frizzante wines, however a very small number of producers make a dry version, like this one.


“Il Goccetto” is Italian for “A little nip” – though this wine is so refreshing, a big gulp might be more appropriate. Notes of lilac, cherry blossom, wild strawberry, and black cherry greet you in the glass. On the palate flavors of dark cherry, raspberry, and violet mingle with bright acidity and fine tannin and a spicy finish. Put a chill on this wine to maximize your drinking pleasure. The Il Goccetto pairs very nicely with our recipe for Flat Iron Steak with Lemony Salsa Verde, but you can easily serve it up with grilled chicken or vegetables, and even heftier seafood like swordfish.


Wine Importer Kermit Lynch has been in the business a long time. During his years visiting Italy he’s built a wonderful and unique relationship with Alessandra Bodda of Tenuta la Pergola. It’s a creative collaboration and together they work towards creating blends that showcase Piedmont beautifully. Grapes for this blend are destemmed then fermented, and aged 6 months in stainless steel, resulting in a lively, thirst quenching wine at an unbeatable price.