This Week at the Wine Bar

Sept 11-18

Cru Beaujolais can be gorgeous – as in great wine gorgeous. Or stop you in your tracks gorgeous. The wines are totally delicious as soon as they’re released, but there’s even more magic to be had with some bottle age. Problem is, they’re so good that very few bottles live long enough to unleash that magic.

Luckily, we’ve got a stash of beautiful old bottles from iconic producers in the Beaujolais. I think it makes all the sense in the world for us to host a party. Next monday, we’ll showcase pristine examples from the cellars of Jean Foillard, Yvon Metras, and Nicole Chanrion dating back to the mid-90s and early 2000s. Dedalus is lucky enough to stock current vintages of these hard-to-find wines. It is very difficult it is to come across older wines from natural wine legends like Foillard and Metras. Even rarer – the opportunity to drink a bunch of different vintages with friends and beautiful food. Don’t miss this night! Here’s what we’ll have available:

1996, Yvon Metras, Fleurie

1998, Yvon Metras, Fleurie

2001, Yvon Metras, Fleurie

1998, Jean Foillard, Morgon Côte de Puy

2006, Nicole Chanrion, Côte de Brouilly

In case you missed it, Suzanne Podhaizer recently wrote a beautiful review of our wine bar for Seven Days. Give it a read. She really loved our food – especially our Beef Tartare. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a bottle of 1998 Foillard. Come in and check it out!