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Our Wine Clubs just can’t be beat! Hop into an endless stream of killer new juice from leading producers or explore insider values from hot new regions.

Join one of our wine clubs, DIRT or THIRST today and learn about wine from the inside, out.

Building A Wine Community

We don’t just pay lip service to the idea of community. For us, a vibrant, engaged wine community is a necessity. That’s why Dedalus is where its at when it comes to wine events in Vermont. We love to put wine drinkers together. We also love to put wine in context, to drink it with food, share the wines that excite us, and we love to help people dial in to their tastes. So, weather we’re pairing

Bouillabaisse with Rosé or tasting the dirty, delicious wines from the southern Rhone, there’s always something happening at Dedalus.

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