Now, if Chris Brockway’s Brea Pinot is the California equivalent of a Bourgogne Rouge from a great talent, Anthill’s Anderson Valley Pinot is a Premier Cru from a blue-chip producer. This tiny production project has long been heralded as one of the finest sources of California Pinot Noir. Problem was, nearly all of their tiny production was sold off to great restaurants and their mailing list. Somehow, we snuck our noses in and got a few cases several years back, and our allocation has grown year-after-year. You will not find better Pinot Noir out there, regardless of the source. We managed to secure just enough for our club members this year–nearly four times our normal order–and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you.


Anthill Farms is a collaboration between three winemaker friends who banded together to craft some of the best California Pinot Noir available. Anthony Filiberti, David Low, and Webster Marquez first met while working for Williams-Seylem, arguably the very best producer of Pinot Noir in all of California. Afterwards, the three friends got together to start their own label using the same top-tier winemaking they learned at this prestigious estate. They focused on single-vineyard sites in Sonoma County, purchased from trusted growers. Winemaking is progressively restrained, with elegance and terroir at the forefront. Their Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, sourced from several vineyard sites in the region, is reliably our favorite Pinot from Anthill, represents a real and tangible testament to the state of California Pinot Noir today. Pair this up as you might great red Burgundy–roast chicken or–better–duck cannot be beat with this beauty.