Now, Puech Redon may be big in terms of geographic size, but this particular cuvée was produced in tiny, tiny quantities. The first time it was made, Pour de Vrai is a Pétillant Naturel made mostly from Cinsault (in a blanc de noirs method, à la Champagne) with a bit of the native grape that is rarely seen these days, Aramon. This particular cuvée is a hands-on collaboration between Cyril of Puech Redon and Éric Texier.


As a quick refresher for those not in the know, Pétillant Naturel (alternatively referred to as Ancestral Method) refers to a specific, and ancient, style of sparkling winemaking that pre-dates the Champagne method. Quite simply, the process includes bottling a fermenting wine unfiltered with a bit of residual sugar left. The yeast cells in the bottom of the bottle continue to process the sugar, producing a gentle prickle that is significantly less intense than that produced by the secondary fermentation found in Champagne. Though this can be the simplest and most rustic means of producing sparkling wine, it is a bit less predictable than more modern styles. We’ve certainly come across more than one exploding Pét Nat in our time. Worry not though, simply chill this down well and enjoy!