Biscaye Baie Gascony, France Côtes de Gascogne Blanc 2017 France’s rustic Gascony region has a serious reputation for producing goods that deliver huge gastronomic pleasure throughout the world. Yet, it wasn’t exactly wine that built that reputation. No, it was foie gras and Armagnac that made this region famous. Charcuterie of all kinds is commonplace here, and as such it is not difficult to imagine that locals often need something a bit more refreshing than brandy to wash down their foie. In comes light, zippy whites like this unique Sauvignon Blanc, sourced from coastal vineyard sites in the heart of Armagnac country.


Hailing from a significant ways south from its native Loire, this coastal Sauvignon Blanc offers a novel take on this widely-known variety. A bit more tropical leaning in its fruit, with a bit more grip than most from the Loire, you’ll find notes of ripe red grapefruit, fresh almond, and lemongrass in the glass. Enjoy this bottle quite cool with our recipe for Pickled Shrimp.


Sourced from the heart of the region, this Sauvignon Blanc is macerated at low temperatures and aged only in stainless steel tank to preserve its freshness. The vines, averaging 15 years of age, are planted to soil with a high limestone content, which tends to yield wines of minerality and verve. Yet, being quite a bit more southerly in France than we normally see Sauvignon Blanc, it enjoys a bit more ripeness than we find in the Loire as well. The result is a classic coastal white, with freshness and concentration in excellent balance.