Moving on, we have one of the most lovely natural bubblies we’ve come across in some time, coming to us from across the pond. The Bulli family have been crafting artisanal bubblies from their own crops for generations, and it’s their Sampagnino that caught our eye–and palate! The name is both a jab at Champagne–this is a traditional method bubbly, but no knock off Champagne–and the main grape in the blend, Uva Sampagnina. Sampagnina, curiously, turns out to be the local version of Marsanne, one of Southern France’s most important white varieties. The blend is rounded out with Moscato Gialla, Ortrugo, Bianchetta, Sauvignon Blanc, Malvasia di Candia, Bervedino, and Verdea. 



Sourced from vines in the Colli Piacentini appellation, with the dominant soil being rich in limestone, the resulting wines are bright, lifted, and floral. As is often the case with Marsanne, the fruit profile leans riper and more tropical, with a flowery kick on the finish coming from the Moscato and Malvasia. This is a noble, zesty bubbly, but it does not drink like Champagne. And that’s a good thing! Unlike most Champagne, it is fermented naturally with indigenous yeasts and bottled with no sulphur whatsoever, making for a super clean, refreshing bubbly natural wine. Enjoy it with cheeses, cured meats, or veggies.