If we’re being honest, it is due in large part to the hard work of Dani Landi and Fernando Garcia at the helm of Comando G that Sierra de Gredos Garnacha is even on the map, let alone our radar. Their wines have been in our glasses and on our minds for many years, and the estate has a devoted following as a result. The wines are highly allocated and we are very pleased to have secured them in adequate quantity for our club members. Theirs are world-class Garnachas without real parallel anywhere in the wine world.

Approaching their unique terroir with a bit of inspiration from Burgundy, Fernando and Dani parse out their parcels into village and cru bottlings. La Bruja de Rozas represents their village offering, meaning to express a pure and complete picture of the potential of this appellation to produce legendary Grenache. Sourced from a representative selection of their vineyards planted to sandy, granitic soils, it is fermented naturally and aged in old wood. The vines are farmed according to Biodynamics, and nearly everything in the process is done by hand as the vineyards are simply too steep for machinery. Though Grenache is well-known for its penchant for ripening to high levels of alcohol, Bruja represents a Burgundian approach to this versatile variety. When planted to cooler sites, picked earlier, and infused judiciously, one can produce pale colored, intensely perfumed Garnacha like this. You are going to love it! Serve it at cellar temperature.