Moving southward to Tuscany, we focus in on Marco Tanganelli, one of Tuscany’s most dedicated natural winemakers. With just 5 hectares of vineyards in eastern Tuscany near Castiglione Fiorentino, the Tanganelli family has always made wine, but until the 1990s, it was exclusively for personal consumption. When the family finally decided to begin selling their wines, it was decided that there would be no change in their winemaking style. They make wines the old way, searching not for extraction or concentration–the things that would garner their wines high scores in the press–but rather for purity and drinkability. They make the wines that they like to drink, and the result is one of the most drinkable yet complex expressions of Sangiovese in all of Tuscany.


Cibreo represents a cuvée entirely of Sangiovese, fermented naturally with a very long élevage in old barrel, with minimal to no sulphur used during winemaking. Marco’s vines are very old, and none of them have ever seen any chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Cibreo undergoes nearly a month-long maceration on the skins, and is aged part in barrel and part in steel to simultaneously encourage the development of depth and tertiary flavors, all the while preserving all-important acidity. The result is an earthy and fresh Sangiovese, with serious appeal on the table.