I Pàstini is Kermit Lynch’s inaugural import from Puglia, a region widely considered to be a treasure trove of value in Italian wine. Located up and down the Adriatic and Mediterranean coastlines of the heel of the boot of Italy, Puglia’s fertile soils and warm sun-drenched climate are best-known for the production of robust and expressive reds, namely Negroamaro, and Primitivo. I Pàstini, located in eastern central Puglia, takes an alternative approach, placing a heightened effort on expressing Pulia’s indigenous white grape varieties to their fullest, and most vibrant potential. They are among the upper echelon of white wine producers in all of Southern Italy today.


Due to Puglia’s scorching hot summers, crisp, dry white wines are typically hard to come by. Pàstini’s whites are the exception to the rule. Locorotondo’s close proximity to the Adriatic Sea creates breezy summer nights that work to cool the vineyard down and create a blanket of morning fog that protects the grapes from overripeness. On the nose, I Pàstini’s Bianco ‘Antico’ is instantly reminiscent of the Adriatic coastline, exhibiting notes of white flowers and sea salt flecked lemon peel. On the palate, citrus notes persist alongside a rigid limestone minerality and a hint of beeswax. This wine is at its best paired with seafood or cheeses. Try it with our recipe for Orecchiette with Marinated Eggplant, Burrata, and Chiles. 


A longtime champion of sustainable agriculture and a hands-off cellar approach, head winemaker Gianni Carparelli has completely converted their vineyards to be certified organic, with 2019 marking their maiden vintage. Grapes are 100% hand-harvested and fermentation occurs without the aid of industrial yeast cultures. Their white wines are fermented and aged in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks in order to preserve their innate youth and freshness.