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Mackerel Fillets: Three Bean Salad, Soft Boiled Egg

Posted by Scott Doherty on

Mackerel Fillets: Three Bean Salad, Soft Boiled Egg


jose gurmet mackerel fillets


Serves 4


2 Tins of Jose Gourmet Mackerel Fillets

4 oz Green Beans

4 oz Yellow Wax Beans

4 oz Purple Dragon Beans or Snow Peas

1 clove garlic

1 small shallot

½ oz Mint

1 Lemon

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 Eggs


In a small saucepan place the eggs and fill with cold water. Bring the water to a boil and immediately turn it off.  Leave the eggs in the water for 10 min. Move the eggs to ice water when the time is up. To peel the eggs easier; peel them under running water.


Bring a large pot of water to a boil, making sure the water is well seasoned with salt. While waiting for the water to boil remove the stem end of the beans and cut the beans in half so they are about 2” in length. Set up a container with an ice water bath. Working on one type of bean at a time drop them in the boiling water. Cook the beans until cooked, but they still retain some crunch (1-2 minutes); scoop the beans out of the boiling water and into the ice water. After all of the beans are done and in the ice water, wait 5 min then drain the beans and allow them to dry.


Mince the shallot and garlic. Cut the mint into thread-like strips. In a bowl combine garlic, shallot, lemon juice, mint, a pinch of salt, and about 2 ounces of olive oil. MIx together and let sit for 10 minutes.


Cut the eggs into quarters. Toss the beans in the dressing. Divide the beans among four plates. In some of the open gaps place ¾ of each egg onto each plate.  Drape the mackerel fillets throughout the salad.

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