Enderle & Molle as described by their own importer, are, "really just two guys, a tiny cellar, a basket press, a few hectares of old vines and a hell of a lot of buzz." Sven Enderle and Florian Moll are Pinot Noir prodigies in Germany's Baden region, where Pinot has thrived for decades. And yet, ask any wine lover to name their favorite German Pinot and you will likely draw a blank stare. German Pinot?! Indeed, Pinot Noir is one of Germany's most widely planted red grapes, but it's taken bold and talented winemakers like Enderle & Moll to bring the region the notoriety it deserves. '

TASTING: We often emphasize how small certain estates are relative to the norm. But when we say that Enderle & Moll is tiny, we mean tiny. They are garagistes if there ever were any in Germany. They farm meticulously, ferment and age naturally, and bottle some of the most unique and satisfying Pinots in the world. Their Pinots have a distinctness to them. The wines are surely Pinot Noir–you have the rose petal, fresh earth, and bright red currant, but they bear a distinctly herbal edge to them that make them utterly charming to drink.


'Basis' is their young-vine bottling, sourced from the younger vines in all their vineyards, meant for early pleasure. Winemaking here is intentionally old-school with an infusion over extraction approach ultimately pointing toward the goal of achieving true elegance in the glass. The wine is aged in old Burgundian barrels before being bottled unfiltered. Like a great Beaujolais, this wine takes beautifully to a light chill.