Piedmont may produce many of Italy’s most show-stopping reds like Barolo and Barbaresco, but it also harbors a significant bastion of natural winemaking in niche corners of the sub- alpine region. This is precisely where you’ll find Fausto and Cinzia Cellario, one of our most cherished producers of natural Italian wine. They farm many of Piedmont’s best varieties in the Langhe subregion, including some lesser known gems like Grignolino. A native variety that used to be farmed widely, it fell out of favor as consumers began to demand bigger reds–with more tannins! Grignolino is naturally thin-skinned, and can only really produce light, rosé like reds. Of course, the tides have turned and now light reds are back. This natural version is the perfect answer to take out pizza, Thai, or Chinese.


The Cellarios are committed to producing refreshing wines that don’t sacrifice conscientious winemaking for quality. Theirs are among the most compelling natural wines at their respective price point we’ve tasted in some time. They check all the boxes: native yeast fermentation, organic farming, and low-to-no SO2. This Grignolino is all about bright red and pink fruits with subtle hints of anise, rose, and citrus on the finish. It is absolutely at its best served lightly chilled.