Nicolas Mariotti Bindi VdF Mursaglia Blanc 2016 $24.99

Much ink has been spilled regarding the incredible progress that’s been made in Corsican winemaking in two decades. And it’s true–not long ago, industrial scale viticulture was the norm on the island, with all the toxic baggage that comes with it. The island was long a big source of cheap, bulk wine for the mainland. That is, until a few bold vignerons started to make waves with new wines, made from native varieties, crafted naturally. The result is what is now likely the most exciting wine region in France. But, despite the fact that virtually all the best Corsican vignerons these days are making objectively natural wines, the region is rarely spoken about in such circles. Let’s change that this month as we explore two glorious natural wines from the island. 


We begin with a robust yet sprightly Vermentino from Nicolas Mariotti Bindi, one of Patrimonio’s rising stars. Nicolas got his start with two of Corsica’s superstar winemakers–Antoine Arena and Yves Leccia. His Mursaglia Blanc is 100% organically-farmed Vermentino from clay and limestone-based soils outside of Patrimonio appellation lines. It is fermented naturally and bottled with minimal sulphur. A lovely expression of this Mediterranean variety, it showcases Vermentino’s unique ability to produce wines that are ripe and concentrated, all the while retaining ample acidity and freshness. This is a seafood wine if there ever was one.