November Thirst - Chateau La Grave Cahors 2015


Chateau La Grave Cahors 2015 


When most folks think of Malbec, their minds usually go to the big, bold wines of Argentina. Those wines are well and good, but Malbec actually originated in the Southwestern region of France known as Cahors. This was once a Roman town and a center of commerce, and for generations it has been home to winemaker Phillip Bèrned and his Chateau La Grave. This particular Chateau is unique in that they make their Cahors wine with 100% Malbec, whereas other estates often blend their wines with Merlot or Tannat grapes.


Born from red clay soils and almost 30 year old vines, the La Grave Cahors is full of the characteristic inky black fruit, locally known as “black wine.” Once you pull the cork on this bottle and put a nose to your first glass, you will discover the perfume of it’s bold, black and blue fruits. The palate is full of earthy, yet velvety tannins full of structure, balanced by a bolt of acid. Juicy fruits round out the glass, with blueberry notes galore. This rustic red wine wants some comfort food, try our recipe for Warm Potato Salad with Smoked Sausage or try it with jar of our chicken liver mousse and some warm crusty bread.


Located about 140 miles due West of Bordeaux, Cahors is in a unique geographical location for winemaking. Because of it’s positioning it receives influences from both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean oceans. This makes for hot summers and wet winters, which are ideal conditions for growing Malbec. No wonder people have been making wines here since ancient Roman times, as vines were first planted here as far back as 50 B.C.!