Octopus: Radicchio Salsa, Salted Celery Root, Orange

Octopus: Radicchio Salsa, Salted Celery Root, Orange


jose gourmet octopus in olive oil


Serves 2


1 Tin of the Jose Gourmet Octopus in olive oil

1 Orange

1 small Celery root

1 small Shallot

1 clove of Garlic

1 Tbsp chopped chives

2 roasted Grape Tomatoes

4 Radicchio Leaves

1 Lemon


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Parsley For Garnish


Peel the celery root. Cut the celery root in half and each half in roughly 1" rectangles. Using a mandolin slicer; slice the celery root paper thin. Thoroughly salt the celery root and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse the celery root under cold water.


If you do not own a mandolin slicer, a good alternative is to continue to cut the celery root into 1” rectangles. From there cut on a 45 degree turn the celery rectangles forward one side before cutting another piece. After you’ve cut all the pieces season with salt, pepper, and olive oil: then placing it in a 400℉ oven until tender to poke through with a fork.


Laying the radicchio leaves flat; cut into strips as thin as possible, then proceed to mince the radicchio into the smallest pieces you can get them. Mince the garlic, shallot, and tomatoes. Combine in a bowl with the chives, the zest of the lemon, and the lemon’s juice. Season with salt and about 1-2 Tbsp of olive oil.


Start by cutting the top and bottom of the orange off. Following the shape of the orange cut peel of the orange off. Once all the pith is removed; cut out each of the wedges without getting any of the skin on them. Break each orange wedge into small, pea-sized pieces. On each plate scatter the salsa in small piles throughout the plate. Artfully place the celery root around the salsa. In larger open spots place pieces of octopus. Drop a few pieces of orange around the plate. Garnish with a few parsley leaves.