This Week at the Food Counter


We’re revamping our sandwiches in anticipation of a fully-loaded new Spring Lunch Menu. Monday through Saturday from 11-3pm and Sunday from 12-4pm we’ll have the following sandwiches available until sold out:

The Southern Belle $12 - The original Dedalus sandwich triumphantly returns. Benton’s Hickory-Smoked Tennessee Mountain Country Ham, local pepper jelly, our own Pimento Cheese, and frisée adorn freshly-baked August 1st baguette. All tied up in a bow, this play on classic Southern flavors is great pressed on our grill or enjoyed as is.

The Jambon Beurre $9 - Paris comes to Burlington. This French favorite is all about simplicity and quality of ingredients. Salted, cultured butter from the incredible Marisa Mauro of Ploughgate Creamery, spread thickly on warm baguette with a hefty pile of Jambon de Paris $14. Enough said.

The Best Grilled Cheese $9/10 - With over 100 cheeses to choose from, count on us to put together an epic grilled cheese. Instagram-worthy, pull-apart, stringy cheesy deliciousness sandwiched between August 1st’s rustic Country French Sourdough. A delicate smear of Edmond Fallot’s Burgundian Dijon is all it takes to elevate this classic combination to the next level. From Alpha Tolman to Raclette du Valais, we’ll pick the best melter on the Food Counter for the job. Add Jambon de Paris for $1. Mandatory panini press.

Stop in seven days a week for lunch and look out for new changes coming soon. August 1st Baguettes are now available daily.



Our favorite caviar producer, Mottra Caviar, was just featured in Seven Days! We’re thrilled to be the first in Vermont to carry Mottra’s incredible line of sustainably-raised caviar. From the first moment I met with Iveta from Mottra, I was struck by the transparency of their process and the purity of flavor. Caviar is no small expense, and in an industry wrought with fraud, it’s hard to know what’s worth the price tag. These Slow Food members produce the highest quality of sturgeon caviar in the Russian tradition, controlling everything from incubation to harvest at their farm. Mottra Caviar is produced without preservatives, antibiotics, or other additives, yielding a precision of flavor and delicate texture. Like our other products on the Food Counter and in our Pantry, I’ve tasted every Mottra Caviar we carry–these are some of the best examples of Osetra I have encountered.

Iveta from Mottra is dropping off a fresh batches of Siberian Osetra and Milked Russian Caviar:

Mottra Finest Caviar .6oz $60 (1 serving) and 1oz $80 (2 servings) small charcoal-black pearls with firm texture and light brine

Mottra Milked Russian Caviar .6oz $60 (1 serving) and 1oz $80 (2 servings) medium gray pearls with delicate texture and flavor and strong brine

As I write this, I’m tasting the newest addition to our caviar lineup, Mottra’s Sterlet Caviar $80/1oz. This caviar comes from one of the smallest species of sturgeon, prized by Czars as one of the most delicate and precious of Russian caviars. With a fine pearls, a pale grey-green color, and exquisite texture, this caviar may be my new favorite. Come in this week to stock up on this and other snow day provisions.



Our Charcuterie Case gets some fresh faces this week with new items from Smoking Goose Meatery in Indianapolis. These Midwest artisans apply a New World approach to Old World classics, taking traditional recipes and using local proteins and ingredients. They work directly with small family farms in Indiana and neighboring states, ensuring all their animals are antibiotic and hormone-free and have access to open pasture. After much anticipation, I am very excited to bring in their Soppressata $28/lb and Culatello $38/lb.

Smoking Goose Soppressata is a large-format pork salami with a coarse grind, firm texture and flavors of black pepper, clove, nutmeg, and ginger. Vibrant spices and gorgeous natural casing give this Tuscan staple new life. Culatello is a precious gem of Italian gastronomy, native to the Po River Valley in Parma (where Prosciutto di Parma is produced). Literally translated as “little ass”, Culatello comes from the upper part of the prosciutto leg at the pig’s rear end. Smoking Goose takes this prized cut, the so-called “heart” of the ham, and cures it under black peppercorns and mustard-seed for a month before encasing in pig’s bladder and aging an additional six months. The result is a veritable punching bag of charcuterie, the stuff of porky dreams. Funkier than prosciutto, with fat that renders on your palate, this is my new favorite in the Charcuterie Case. New cuts are set to arrive before the weekend–come on in and taste with us.



Shelburne Farms sets the standard for cheddar in the United States, adapting centuries-old techniques from Somerset, England, to American terroir. This traditionally-made raw milk cheddar relies on the health and management of Shelburne’s purebred Brown Swiss Cows, which are the oldest registered herd in the United States. Native to the Swiss Alps, these cows have large frames and sturdy knees and ankles, perfect for long walks to seek pasture grasses and Vermont’s undulating landscape. These 120 milking cows have over 1400 acres dedicated to grazeland and hay, supplemented with a diet of non-GMO Verified grain.

The quality of Shelburne Farms’ award-winning cheese is the direct product of careful land and herd management, reflective of Lake Champlain’s unique microclimate, geology, and forage. This Friday evening, Tom from Shelburne will be joining us for a tasting of their Two Year Cheddar $14/lb, Three Year Reserve Cheddar $18/lb, our House Made Pimento Cheese $15/lb, and a very special batch of Clothbound Cheddar $32/lb, made from peak summer pasture in 2016. This crystal-laden, flaky cheddar is featured in our March Cheese Club. Sign up today and take home over 1lb of cheese for $25.


Rory Stamp

Artisan Food Manager