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Every Thursday at Dedalus we open up a selection of bottles that we are excited about. This tasting is from 4-7pm and is totally free!

This week is a little different, we have two tastings happening at the same time! One is a selection of cheeses from Tomales Farmstead Creamery. The second is a line-up of thirst quenching wines from California based, Inconnu Wine.


Here is what Rory has to say:

" A few winters back, I was north of San Francisco looking for cheese on the Point Reyes National Seashore. I had the great fortune of stumbling upon the lush pastures of Toluma Farms, home of Tomales Farmstead Creamery. A farmhand introduced me to their small herd of sheep and goats, walking me through the undulating hills that provide the diverse forage necessary for great milk.

Once a conventional cow dairy, it took years of land restoration to grow quality organic feed for cheesemaking. Their work has paid off, and we are excited to bring Tomales Farmstead cheeses to Vermont for the first time."

Owner Tamara and Cheesemaker Hadley are coming all the way from California to taste their stunning organic cheeses at Dedalus!!

Join us on Thursday from 4-7pm for this special tasting and enjoy Tomales Farmstead cheeses in our Wine Bar all week.


The French call it Vin de Soif, I call it wines for the thirsty. This is the style of wine that Laura Brennan Bissell makes. The D.C. native moved back to California for the second time back in 2011 and after a stint at Mathiasson in 2013, Laura decided to go at it on her own. She makes wines that taste good. It is really that simple. Her winery is located in Berkely, and she sources most of her grapes from responsible growers in Contra Costa County outside of the Bay area. Fermentation is spontaneous, sulfur use is judicious, and intervention is at a minimum. Laura's wines are honest and youthful and will inspire sip after sip. 

This Thursday we will be pouring three wines from Lauras' Lalalu wine series. These wines are a blast to drink and even more fun to share. I have personally been crushing on these wines lately. My affection for wines of this style is no secret. I love Vin de Soif, the Glou-Glou, the crushable. I love wines without ego or agenda. These wines are all of that, and, on top of all that, none of these wines retail for more than $25.

 Here's what will hit the glass:

  • Inconnu Lalalu Sauvignon Blanc 2017 - $19.99/btl
  • Inconnu Lalalu Cabernet Franc 2016 - $24.99/btl
  • Inconnu Lalalu Rosé 2017 - $19.99/btl

 Join us on Thursday from 4-7pm for this special tasting 

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