Clos Venturi Vin de Corse Brama Sciaccarellu P.738 2021

  • Wild, untameable red from the island of Corsica
  • Located in the highest elevation part of the island
  • Biodynamic farming and emphasis on vineyard biodiversity
  • A more serious portrait of the rugged terrain
  • Cherry-fruited, slightly reductive, and contemplative — a joy

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Manu Venturi’s vineyards lie in the wild, far-flung, high-elevation heart of Corsica. He allows the native maquis of juniper, rosemary, heather, and lavender to grow wild, tends his vines with the help of bees, horses, chickens, and sheep, and vinifies with native yeasts. This new-to-us winemaker’s Sciacarellu is cherry-fruited and slightly reductive. Pure, contemplative, and slightly serious, but with a nervy, wild energy — an excellent new arrival from the hidden heartland of one of the most fascinating winemaking islands in the world. Come scoop a bottle before we drink it all.

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