The Nonna Box

We’re lucky to work with some of the most exciting Italian producers in the game, and we’re bringing them home to you. The perfect starter pack for your next pasta night or gift for your Nonna (so she doesn’t have to cook, for once!).


1/2 lb. Parmigiano Cravero: One of the very few high-altitude Parmigiano in existence, this crystalline wedge is perfect shaved over pasta or snacked on by itself. 

1/2 lb. Formaggi Aresu Granaresu: A Sardinian sheep-and-cow blend. Bright, grassy, craveable.  

One piccolo salami: Monger’s choice of one of our snack-sized salami. Perfect as a hiking snack or on a late-night charcuterie board. 

One 330ml bottle of olive oil: A fresh, green oil from one of our favorite olive estates. Best for finishing pasta, fish, or salads. 

One bar of Sabadi Sicilian Chocolate: A new-to-Dedalus producer that specializes in aromatic, Sicilian-native inclusions. 

One bag of Taralli: Classic, hearty, loop-shaped crackers. Try ‘em dipped in a little warm tomato sauce, or alongside that wedge of Granaresu.