Gamay: Unleashing Charisma in Beaujolais and Beyond

With an energy that's downright infectious, Gamay brings a vibrant charm to every occasion. Originally from Beaujolais, this grape variety has a playful spirit that sings through its bright flavors and light body. It's a wine that doesn't need pomp and ceremony — a slight chill, and it's ready to enliven any meal.

But Gamay's story doesn't stop at Beaujolais. The grape has found homes in the Loire Valley and parts of the USA, taking on a new dimension in each place it's nurtured. When grown with care and crafted with a hands-off approach, Gamay maintains its charismatic personality, reflecting the unique aspects of each terroir.

Our Gamay selection invites you to explore these diverse expressions. From classic cru Beaujolais to innovative renditions, there's a Gamay in our collection ready to captivate you. Come along, and revel in the vivacious spirit of Gamay.

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