Cosmic Wines by Dedalus is one of the premier wine-tasting and buying events in the USA. Come meet the winemakers at an event like no other and stock up for holiday dinners, gifts, and more.

December 10th

50 Lakeside Avenue
Burlington, VT, 05401

6:30 PM – 9 PM


Over 70 winemakers and importers gathered together for one night of incredible wine. This is Cosmic Wines, the annual wine-tasting and buying event hosted by Dedalus.

Once a year, we assemble a group of high-flying winemakers and importers from around the world and bring them to Burlington, VT. Why? Because we want to give you a chance to do what we do: Taste amazing wines with the people who make them and advocate for them.

The wines you’ll taste at Cosmic are our favorite bottles from 2022. As a gift to you, we offer great deals on all the wines sold at Cosmic — you’re sure to get the best prices of the year. So grab your ticket, and get ready to knock out all your holiday wine buying, cross a few names off your gift list, and treat yourself to some insanely good wine.

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Wine Vendors

Grand Cru Selections, Kermit Lynch, Ellison Estate, Bon Vivant Imports, France & Western, Railsback Frères, Sorting Table, Iapetus, SelectioNaturel, Furlani, Fable Farm, Selection Massale, José Pastor, La Garagista, Disciple Cider, La Montañuela, Amuninnivini, Communal Brands, de Maison, Paris Wine Company, Piedmont Guy, Transparent, Evening Land

Market Vendors

Monti Verdi Salumi, Jasper Hill Farm, Mad Rose Specialty Foods, Parrish Hill Creamery, Columbia Cheese, Rogers Collection, Stony Pond Farm

Cosmic Wines FAQ

What’s included in the price of the ticket?

Wine! So many sips of wine! Access to importers and winemakers who are rarely all in the same room at one time. And bottles of insanely good wines at the best prices of the year.

Will there be food?

Every year we bring insanely delicious cheeses, charcuterie, and snacks from the producers who stock our market. You’ll be able to graze on a truly impressive cheese board loaded with our favorites. We’ve also invited Jasper Hill back for their knockout raclette — you don’t want to miss it!

The wine world seems kind of pretentious and I’m not into that. Will I feel like an outsider if I come to this event?

It is our deepest, sincerest hope that you *never* feel like an outsider around wines. We know that the world of wine can be pretentious. And that sucks. But the reason we exist is to create portals into it. Because we believe everyone can access wine from a different angle, whether that’s through tasting notes, art, agriculture, punk culture, politics, or history.

I’m a wine lover and I already know what wine I like. Is this event for me?

This event is for you too! If you love wine, you probably are also interested in who is making your wine. This event gives you a chance to meet those people and talk to them about their work. It will bring you one step closer to the vineyard! Which is a great place to be. Plus, you’ll get the best deals on our favorite wines of the year, so you can stock your cellar.

Is there a dress code for Cosmic Wines?

No. Just come with curiosity and thirst.

I’m new to wine, is this event for me?


This event is for anyone who wants to taste wine and buy some bottles at great prices. Also, it’s kind of about more than wine. It’s about knowing the people behind the stuff you consume. If you like to know where your vegetables come from, or who is making your clothes, it’s for you. You’ll meet importers and winemakers and taste over 60 wines made lovingly around the world. Yum.

Are the wines at Cosmic Wines “natural” wines?

We normally refer to the wines we carry as “minimal intervention,” which generally means that the winemakers use biodynamic or organic practices in their vineyards whenever possible, and don’t add or take anything away on the wine’s journey from vine to bottle. Could some (many) of those wines be called “natural?” Definitely. Do all of our winemakers use that label? Nope. (And there is a whole, rich discussion to be had there!) What we can assure you is that these are not commercial wines. They are made by people who understand the connection between sensible ecological practices and stellar enological results. And they are flippin’ delicious.

Do I need a ticket?