Dedalus Cheese Shops

Our cheese counters in the heart of Burlington and Stowe, Vermont, are more than just a place to buy great European and American artisan cheese and cured meats. They are a place to experience new flavors, to let friendly faces guide you on a journey through the world of cheese and charcuterie, where you can find everything you need to liven up a festive party or a casual night at home. We offer the best cut-to-order cheeses and meats, all hand-selected by our dedicated mongers, as well as curated cheeseboards to complement any event.

Cheesecounter in Stowe, Vermont

Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

Our cheesemongers curate cheeseboards that speak to the terroir of specific regions and countries. Currently, we offer three themes in two sizes — each includes a selection of cheeses, charcuteries, assorted accoutrement such as jams and pickles, and crackers. We select and pair each element in hopes that it will bring you closer to the producers who make these incredible products, and transport you to the places they come from.

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5-8 people

LARGE $125
10-16 people

All boards include assorted cheese, charcuterie, 3 accoutrement and 1 box of crackers.

Vermont's best cheeseboards at Dedalus


We work hard to bring the best cheeses and charcuterie into the shop for you, and can't wait to help you assemble your cheeseboard or cut-to-order purchase.

Our cheesemongers are dedicated to providing exceptional service to every customer. For this reason, we request that you allow a minimum of 24 hours advance notice for cheeseboard orders. We cannot process same-day cheeseboard orders.

From November 15-January 2 we cannot honor same-day phone orders for cut-to-order purchases. We will happily attend you for in-store purchases on these, and all other, dates.

We look forward to serving you.

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