The Best Wines for BYOB and Takeout in Burlington, VT

Don't show up empty handed. Whether you're in the mood for a bubbly-crusted pizza, jaw-dropping burger, or belly-warming pho, swing by Dedalus before dropping in on these hallowed Burlington haunts and score a bottle (or two) to light up your meal.


Folino's chewy, bubbly, slightly charred Connecticut style crust has earned them a massive following and multiple awards for "best pizza". So what do we bring when we roll up? For the classic cheese or Margherita, we're likely to grab a bottle of Champagne or a fruit-driven Chianti Classico. For the Funghi or Truffle Pig, we'll swing for a Langhe Nebbiolo. If we're in a meat lover's mood and order the Frankenstein or Meatza, we'll go for a Côtes du Rhône. Pies with a green streak like the Veggie or the Pesto Bomb will have us reaching for a crisp rosé. But really, any of the wines in this collection will be a sure bet. Grab one bottle for every 2-3 people and you'll be set up for success.

Pho Hong

With a beef pho (#7 and #8), we usually swing for a super light red or a dark rosé. With Bán Xèo (#24) , a Vietnamese crepe stuffed with pork, shrimp, and veggies, we go for a sparkling wine. And for fragrant, light as air Bún (#12-15) — vermicelli bathed in a sweet, vinegary sauce with lettuce, mint, bean sprouts, cucumber, and your choice of protein — we bring a Cabernet Franc. It highlights the herbaceous flavors and juicy meat but doesn't overpower the light texture of the noodles.

The Shopping Bag

If you've been in Burlington for more than a day  — or maybe if you spent formative years of your teens and 20s here — you've likely heard talk of the mythical Sizzler.  You'll find this half pounder — piled high with cheddar, provolone, bacon, LTO and more — tucked away behind the counter of the Shopping Bag, an unassuming convenience store on North Ave. Don't let the facade deter you — this has been and remains one of the best burgers in the state. The next time you pick up a Sizzler to go (there's no other way), stop by Dedalus first to grab one of these wines to pair with it.

Tiny Thai

Sorry to the haters, but sweetness is a must. If you're having a dish with any amount of heat in it, a slightly sweet Riesling or sparkling with laser beam acidity will perfectly balance the spice and refresh your palate. We particularly like an off dry sparkling rosé or light red, like a Bugey Cerdon, for richer spiced dishes like the Spicy Eggplant or Duck Krapow. If the idea of sweetness has you running for the hills, just imagine taking a sip of tannic, bone dry wine after a bite of searing hot chile. It's not pleasant. Sweetness is essential for balancing spice. For milder dishes — especially creamy curries — a dry Riesling or sparkling wine will still work wonders because its lightning bolt acidity will cut through the richness of the curry.