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Abbatucci VdF Rouge 'Monte Bianco' 2015

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Country France
Region Corsica
Appellation Corsica
Varietal Sciaccarrellu

‘Monte Bianco’ represents a painfully tiny parcel of Sciaccarellu vines, fermented in steel and aged in foudre. It is certainly one of the most evocative expressions of this glorious varietal you’ll find on the island. It is juicy and vibrant, showing notes of brambly wild berries and currants alongside earthy notes of herbs, yet with a structure and acidity that will payback generously if given the time in the cellar.

Jean-Charles Abbatucci was not only one of the first pioneers of biodynamic viticulture in Corsica, but from the beginning, he spoke loudly about the nobility of native Corsican varietals at a time when his neighbors were ripping them out at a record pace in order to plant more fashionable internationally recognized grapes in their fields. Thankfully, Abbatucci’s tireless passion for Nielluciu, Sciaccarellu and more has paid off. Sciaccarellu is finally getting its due as a grape capable of producing wines of incredible finesse and complexity, with the elegance of fine red Burgundy and the structure of many top Rhône reds.