Anne-Sophie Dubois Fleurie l'Alchimiste 2021

  • Elegant, finessed cru Beaujolais from a rising star
  • Influenced by Anne-Sophie's studies in Burgundy
  • Medium bodied with notes of blackberry, raspberry, loam, and orange rind.



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Growing up in Champagne and learning to make wine in Burgundy, Anne-Sophie Dubois’ take on Beaujolais is anything but traditional. She brings her own style to the grape and region that she’s come to love: Gamay in Fleurie. She goes against the grain, completely de-stemming her grapes which removes a lot of the harshness that some Beaujolais can have, but then giving the juice an extended maceration which adds seriousness that some Beaujolais can lack. Her wines are an enigma, and we want more.

After one sip, you realize you have been deceived by the deep, dark purple hue of this wine. It is elevated and refreshing; not nearly as dark and moody as the color would have you think. The subtle tannins are balanced by racy acidity, and the notes of red raspberry and cherry are what really shine through.</p>