Athletes du Vin Touraine Pineau d'Aunis 2019

Athletes du Vin Touraine Pineau d'Aunis 2019

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Appellation: TOURAINE

Variety: Pineau d'Aunis

Athletes du Vin is a collective of Loire Valley producers that set out on a mission to bring the winemaker's table to you. These are the everyday wines you will find on winemakers tables littered among goat cheese crottin and heaping jars of rillettes. The wines of Athletes du Vin are meant to be opened often and consumed without pretension. Poured out liberally with cherished friends and good food.

Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc spring to mind when discussing Loire Valley wine but have you ever heard of Pineau d’Aunis? This little-known grape is a hidden gem in the Loire valley. A native grape to the region and a true sponge of terroir. It has a reputation for being extremely finicky to grow and by the 1970s there were only 17 hectares of Pineau d'Aunis remaining in the Loire Valley! Recognizing the importance of preserving native varietals from extinction a few winemakers decided Pineau d'Aunis was worth the additional attention to grow and we are glad they did! At Dedalus, we are on a constant hunt for value-driven chillable reds. A staff favorite and a style of wine that pairs with almost anything or nothing at all. Athletes Pineau d'Aunis is packed with crunchy cherry fruit but showcases its savory side delivering waves of sage and black pepper. If you find yourself gravitating towards more youthful expressions of Beaujolais this will be right up your alley!

Craving a truly transportive experience? Throw a slight chill on this bottle, and enjoy at lunchtime with a slice of roasted pheasant terrine, grilled sausages, and cornichons. You won’t be disappointed!