Beurer Wurttemberg Riesling Kieselsandstein 2020

Jochen Beuren is an ex-BMX champion turned Riesling wizard. His name is spoken in reverent tones in the winemaking circles from the Mosel to the Rheingau and beyond. He has an otherworldly affinity for every single variety — be it Riesling or Grauburgunder — that grows in his carefully tended vineyards.

This bottle comes from vines grown on hard sandstone soils studded with chunks of marl. It’s compact — like all of the aromas and flavors you’d find in a normal Riesling have come together under immense pressure to form a single drop of this brilliant wine. Ripe yellow fruit, a mountain of minerality, and a lightning bolt acidity. An overturned fruit cart on a sky-high mountain road in the middle of a thunderstorm.