Castello di Verduno Barolo 2019

In the far northern reaches of Barolo, in the commune of Verduno, Castello di Verduno has been producing classic Barolo and Barbaresco for generations. So why doesn’t anybody know about them? Because for years, Verduno’s wines were overlooked by exporters seeking more modern Barolo, stuff you could drink immediately. It’s part of what drove us to look for hidden gems in this now-burgeoning commune and its incredible terroir.

Winemaker Mario Andrion is a part of a wave of producers making traditional Barolo in Verduno. It’s airy, regal stuff. Sure, you could decant and drink now, but keep a bottle of this in your cellar for a few years. When you open it down the line, you’ll find bottomless depth permeated by waves of dried flowers, sweet cherries, blood orange, and mint. Aka, it’s only getting better. And better. Long story short, scoop this bottle today and future-you will thank you.

This wine is available for pre-order and will be ready for pick-up or shipping beginning 1/30.