Comando G Sierra de Gredos Bruja de Rozas 2021

Dani Landi and Fernando Garcia of Comando G make wines that go above and beyond. They consistently create an expression of terroir that is so distinct that it becomes the benchmark by which we judge all others. These two winemakers are obsessively dedicated, exceed our standards of low intervention, and are setting the new trend within the Sierra de Gredos.

This Garnacha is their calling card, one of their few “village” level wines. It comes from a handful of nearby vineyards and is highly perfumed with abundant red fruits and perfectly balanced tannin, body, and acidity. This wine is alive. A stunning picture of the Sierra de Gredos. If you can’t swing for their prestige single vineyard wines but still want to get a taste of the sheer madness that is Garnacha from abandoned mountain vineyards in Spain, buy this bottle today.