Conestabile della Staffa Il Brioso Rosato

Conestabile della Staffa Il Brioso Rosato

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Region: Umbria

Variety: Sangiovese

From one of the most forward thinking minds in Italian natural wines comes this high-toned and mineral-driven bubbly rosé. Danilo Marcucci makes some of the most charmingly rustic and honest natural wines in all of Italy, and his Conestabile line comes exclusively from fruit grown on his historic estate. We speak often about terroir expression, but we've never seen a winegrower as hyper focused as Danilo. He trains each vine differently, based on his impression of its potential to express not just ripeness but minerality. The results are wines like this, ones based on freshness and drinkability, that are unrivaled on the table. 

Wine 101:
Tasting Glossary

A natural component of grapes that helps the wine achieve balance and structure, also called tartness. Too much creates sharpness; too little leads to wines that are dull and flat.
The smell of a young wine or of the grapes used to make the wine, also called bouquet.
A wine is in balance when the acidity, tannins, alcohol, sweetness and oak (if any) come together in harmony.
The feeling of substance a wine forms in the mouth, also called mouthfeel. Described in terms of weight, fullness or texture.
The length of time a wine's aftertaste lingers on the tongue.
An astringent substance that comes from both grape skins and oak barrels and causes a dry, puckering sensation in the mouth.
The influence of every aspect of a vineyard site, including the soil, sun exposure, wind direction, vineyard microclimate and other natural elements on the wine when it is brought together with the human element. Also referred to as a wine's sense of place.