DIRT Wine Club - Pre-Paid - 3 Month - Pickup - Stowe

The story of wine is the story of dirt. It’s about the growers, the vineyards, and the vines that spring up from them.

The Dirt Wine Club is our way of telling that story. Every month we pick two or three hand-made, place driven wines for the club. We make it super easy to share and enjoy them with the important people in your life. We send you a written description of each bottling. We write about why the wines are exciting, what’s special about their terroir and why we’re partial to their growers.
Like any good story, this wine club is an adventure. It’s a chance to follow our winemakers and growers as they put their beautiful work into the bottle. It’s a peek behind the curtain as our sommeliers and buyers travel the world on the hunt for your next beautiful bottle. 

Sign up for the Dirt Wine Club today and:
  • Take home 2 bottles of delicious, exciting wine every month.
  • Get a 10% discount on eligible wine and food from our Market, Wine Bar, and in-store.
  • Learn about wine and terroir by drinking rare, small production wines.
  • Be among the first to know about wine dinners and tastings.
  • Get invited to Dirt Wine Club exclusive events.
    For just $65/month you’ll be drinking delicious terroir-driven wines like an insider.
    Unfortunately we cannot ship or deliver wine clubs at this time. 
    Please note: If you place an order for a recurring club membership after the 1st but before the last day of a given month, you will be charged at the time of purchase for that month's selections, which you can pick up at any time. Your recurring club charge will process on the 1st of every subsequent month until cancelled.