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Gregoletto Prosecco Treviso NV

Gregoletto Prosecco Treviso 2016

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Country Italy
Region Veneto
Appellation Prosecco
Varietal Glera

Drinking this wine is an experience of purity and elegance and is guaranteed to deliver enjoyment.  Peaking at 11.5% ABV, this is the perfect candidate for your summer sparkler. Cold, refreshing bubbles that won't put you into "nap-mode". Buy it by the case and share with your friends all summer long

Giovanni Gregoletto is the winemaker, his brother, Giuseppe, works the vines. His sister, Antinelli, handles sales and their father, who is 91 years old, still helps out in the cellar. This is a family operation and has been since the late 16th century.  They make Prosecco. And they make it using a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation.

From a time when sugar was too expensive in the area for farmers, they would use the juice from raisinated grapes to start the secondary fermentation in the bottle. The wine would age on the lees (dead yeast cells) in the bottle and create a  style of semi-sparkler we call, Col Fondo. The resulting wine is, super crisp, stony, and incredibly refreshing. 

The Glera grapes used for this Prosecco are grown on the steep hillsides of the Conegliano - Valdobbiadene, the beating-heart of the Classic Prosecco region. Everything is done by hand and without treatment, from the vineyards all the way to the bottle.