Grosjean Pinot Noir Vigne Tzeriat 2018

Grosjean Pinot Noir Vigne Tzeriat 2018

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Country: Italy

Region: Valle d’Aosta

Variety: Pinot Noir


Drive fifteen minutes northeast from Cunaez Nadir’s winery, a route that guides you over the Dora Baltea River, and you will find yourself at the Grosjean estate. Tucked right along both French and Swiss borders the Valle d’Aosta represents the confluence of both Italian and French cultures at their best; often labels from this region will be in both French and Italian. In the beginning, the Grosjean family was focused on cultivating Petite Rouge, but they have also moved onto other native varieties such as Fumin, Cornalin, Premetta and Vuillermin. But in a region that is traditionally French speaking, you can also find high quality examples of France’s beloved Chardonnay, Syrah, and this month’s outstanding Pinot Noir.


The Vigne Tzeriat is from one of Grosjean’s “cru” vineyards, which enjoys steep slopes and a full southern exposure. Pinot from this site represents the estate's oldest vines with many as old as 53 years, offering more complexity and intensity than their entry level Pinot. Although light by California standards, this would be considered opulent for the region. The south facing vineyards yield fruit that is sturdy enough to benefit from 18 months in barrique to add even greater depth. In no way does this jeopardize the cool Alpine breeze that seems to emanate from the glass. Grosjean has been obtaining a steady following locally and now internationally as their age worthy Pinot and Torrette wines gain more acclaim.