Holden Farm Hafod

Holden Farm Hafod

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Region: Ceredigion

Variety: Raw Cow

Natural-rinded, raw milk, and made to an historic recipe on certified organic land near the coast of Wales, Hafod stands apart from the rest of the cheddar pack. 

Owner Patrick Holden prizes a low input system, grazing a small herd of Ayrshire cows on 300 acres, while Hafod’s cheesemakers approach their work with a combination of historicism and experimentation. Though Hafod began life in 2007 as a clothbound cheddar, recent flavour profile trials have led the cheesemakers to break with tradition - relinquishing the cloth binding in favour of an all-moulded rind. 

Expect an overall meaty, savoury quality, underpinned by a saline note that harkens back to the farm's maritime climate. With a hint of sweet mustard near the rind, Hafod is a great choice for those who prefer their cheeses without that characteristic cheddar acidity.