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Inconnu Lalalu Cabernet Franc 2016

Inconnu Lalalu Cabernet Franc 2016

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Country USA
Region California
Appellation Contra Costa County
Varietal Cabernet Franc

Low abv, snappy red fruit, thirst quenching and full of verve. Best enjoyed with a little chill.  No ego, No agenda. Just simple, delicious wine that is just as comfortable on the dinner table as it is on a blanket at the park. This wine is all of that.

 The French call it Vin de Soif or wines for the thirsty. This is the style of wine that Laura Brennan Bissell makes. The D.C. native moved back to California for the second time back in 2011 and after a stint at Mathiasson in 2013, Laura decided to go at it on her own and started Inconnu Wine. She makes wines that taste good. It is really that simple.

Her winery is located in Berkely, and she sources most of her grapes from responsible growers in Contra Costa County outside of the Bay area. Fermentation is spontaneous, sulfur use is judicious, and intervention is at a minimum.