Island Wines Six-Pack

Island Wines Six-Pack

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There’s something special about island wines — bottles from places like Sicily, the Canary Islands, and Corsica. They make us want to invite over a couple of friends, drop the needle on some vintage vinyl, and fire up the grill. Their allure is instantaneous — whether it’s the hint of herbaceous seaside greenery in Corsican rosés or the lingering presence of long-dormant volcanos in Sicilian Grillos. Many of them, by nature, are made with indigenous varieties — grapes that have not only stood the test of time, but adapted to their island’s unique conditions. These island wines couldn’t be from anywhere else. And they’re exactly where we want to be. Come with us.

  • 1 x Cabrera Fernandez Orotava Tinto 2020 
  • 1 x Cabrera Fernandez Orotava Rosado 2020 
  • 1 x Terra Santa Ile de Beaute Blanc 2020
  • 1 x Santa Giulietta Vin de Corse Rose 
  • 1 x Pianogrillo Sicilia Grillo 2020
  • 1 x Pianogrillo Cerasuolo di Vittoria Curva Minore 2020 

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