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Lapierre Morgon 2016

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Country France
Region Beaujolais
Appellation Morgon
Varietal Gamay

The 2016’s from Lapierre have just arrived at the shop. We recommend drinking and cellaring Gamay from the crus of Beaujolais to all of our clients. Cellaring the ‘16s is going to be a challenge. Not because they won’t age, but because they are just so good to drink right now.  Lapierre’s 2016 Morgon is just as lip smacking and full of joy as my first bottle was 16 years ago. The wine is juicy, full of fresh strawberry, macerated cherry, lavender, rose petal, clove and mineral It has a wonderful intensity and presence about it - it’s just mesmerizing. Lapierre’s Morgon demands a big plate of salty roasted chicken and potatoes. Or a lot of cheese. Or just a minute alone on the stoop watching people walk by your place. Drink it!

I had my first bottle of Lapierre Morgon in 2001. I was sitting at a tony second floor bar in a very popular restaurant. I was a waiter there. At the time, I was into big California Cabs and inky Zinfandel. Until that night. I didn’t know that Lapierre was largely responsible for sparking the Natural Wine movement. I didn’t know about his farming practices and his minimal use of sulfur. I certainly didn’t know that Marcel Lapierre was a legend among French winemakers. What I did know was that, up until that moment, I’d never had a bottle of wine that delicious. It was full of energy and exciting to drink. It was *easy* to drink! Suddenly, all I was interested in was evangelizing that Beaujolais. Sixteen years later and and I still carry a flame for Lapierre’s wines. It’s a thrill every time they arrive at the shop. They essential wine for me and for most of our team here at Dedalus Wine Shop, Market, and Wine Bar. In fact, all I want to do right now is to get you to drink as much Lapierre as you can get your hands on.