Lesuffleur Missus 2018

Benoit Lesuffleur  is a natural at farming his family’s historic apple orchards. He’s freshly certified organic, although he didn’t have to change his practices all too much to achieve this distinction. It’s how they’ve been doing things for generations. He has worked closely with distinguished winemakers in Champagne & Burgundy, and it shows. Missus is only released in some vintages when he can harvest the most crisp apples from his Friardel and Folletiere orchards.

Not only does Benoit use only the best apples for this cuvee, he lets the cider ferment on the lees for an extended period of time to create a rich, luscious mouthfeel complimented by tiny, mousse-y bubbles. Expect a fresh blend that has notes of citrus, stone, lemon, and hops. Sure, wine is our bread and butter here at Dedalus, but this expertly crafted cider is all we want to drink when we think about taking in the breathtaking fall foliage.