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Lioco Sativa Mendocino Carignan 2015

Lioco Sativa Mendocino Carignan 2015

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Country USA
Region Mendocino
Appellation Mendocino
Varietal Carignan

Lioco Wine Company was born from a desire to present a more elegant, nuanced face of California wine. Partners Kevin O’Connor and Matt Licklider grew fatigued by the blockbuster, uber-concentrated wines being produced across the state in the early 2000s. Their juicy Carignan, with its elegance of fruit, is a breath of fresh air in California winemaking

Though acclaim in California red is often reserved for better-known varieties, Carignan is a notable underdog rearing its head more and more in California. In the right hands, they can easily outweigh their more popular brethren in complexity and drinkability. Lioco’s is made naturally using whole grape clusters with the goal being purity of fruit and vibrancy in the glass. Their 2016 balances freshness and ripeness of fruit, with notes of lavender and thyme.