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Dominique Lucas Chasselas 'Quintessence' 2014

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Country France
Region Savoie
Appellation Savoie
Varietal Chasselas

Lighthearted and sun-soaked, this is what comes to mind when I sip this low ABV Chasselas. You just know these grapes are happy growing on the bright and sunny hills on the French side of Lake Geneva. With this in mind, it makes sense that Chasselas takes so long to ripen, they just want to hang in the sun for as long as they can. The harvest time here for this grape is two and a half months!

Who is this patient vigneron? Dominique Lucas. A fifth generation winemaker with roots deep in Pommard, Burgundy. After receiving his  degree, Dominique decided to leave the scrutiny of the AOC in Burgundy and his neighbors and head to a place where he could make the wine he wants. Certified organic with a serious focus on biodynamics, Dominiques wines are an absolute pleasure to drink.

The “Quintessence” is light and refreshing with fleshy orchard fruit, lemon soaked white flower, stony mineral and an agreeable cut.