Nanclares y Prieto Tinto A Senda Vermella 2021

Alberto Nanclares didn't have dreams of becoming one of the most sought after winemakers in Rias Baixas. He simply retired from his job as an economist and moved to a tranquil seaside town with his wife. Except, the property the bought had a handful of scraggly old vines, and Alberto couldn't resist. He's since been joined by the intrepid Silvia Prieto, a Rias Baixas native. Together, they've built a small but mighty operation that turns out some of the most exciting Albariño in Spain.

Except, this isn't Albariño. It's a blend of Mencia and Caino, grapes native to the region. The fact that Alberto and Silvia took a chance on the 15-95 year old vines that went into this bottle means something. It has the gorgeous, stony quality we love in a good Mencia, and the fresh, elegant floral aromatics of Caino. It's a beautiful, unexpected wine that we always wish we had more of. We've been drinking this with rich mushroomy dishes and can't get enough.