Rebel Girls Virtual Class (Ticket Only, Wine Not Included)

Rebel Girls Virtual Class (Ticket Only, Wine Not Included)

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Tuesday, April 27th - 6PM

Beaujolais is for rebels, for passionate iconoclasts. Like the artists of the underground punk scene, the winemakers of this small (often underestimated) French region have rejected expectations and championed the underdog. Beaujolais has produced some of the most revolutionary thinkers in natural wine from Jules Chauvet and Jacques Néauport to Marcel Lapierre and the Gang of Four. The work and mentorship of these makers and many others has energized a movement.

A group of rebel women is keeping that reputation alive: Nicole Chanrion, the "boss of the Côte" and the OG revolutionary who changed the culture in the 1980s as one of the first women vignerons in Beaujolais. Michele Smith-Chapel, New York sommelier-turned-winemaker who farms underdog Cru vineyards by hand; and, Anne-Sophie Dubois, a Champagne-born, Burgundy-trained winemaker who is shifting perspectives on how wine is made in Beaujolais.

In this introduction to Beaujolais, we'll explore the region through the lens of these three inspiring women winemakers. Girls to the front!

Rebel girl, rebel, girl. Rebel girl, you are the queen of (our) world. Rebel girl, rebel girl. / That girl thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood. I got news for you. She is! -Bikini Kill

Want to join the class, but already have the wine? This ticket-only option is for you. Open your favorite bottle of Beaujolais and tune in from anywhere!