Uplands Cheese Rush Creek Reserve

Uplands Cheese Rush Creek Reserve

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There's never a dull moment when indulging in the seasonal delight known as Rush Creek Reserve from Uplands Cheese in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Andy Hatch, the profoundly talented cheesemaker behind this masterpiece, was heavily inspired by the classic Alpine Vacherin Mont d’or and we think he's created an equally iconic cheese. 

Up until 2008, Hatch was Upland's cheese maker until gaining ownership that very year where he started the production of his legacy cheese, the Rush Creek Reserve. Made and perfected over the course of a decade, this spruce-wrapped wheel of raw cow’s milk cheese is bound to pack a pleasurable punch of savory tones and flavors reminiscent of a wood burning fire—just the thing to warm you up this winter! Slice the top off and dive into this pool of pudding and enjoy to your heart’s content.

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